Hiring An SEO Agency In Georgetown, TX? Know These Common SEO Myths And Facts

Do you want to hire an SEO agency in Georgetown, TX, for your business? Do you want to ensure the high visibility of your website in search results? It is obvious that you will go through some SEO myths. These myths can be about SEO methods, ranking on the first page, organic search, and more. Not knowing the truth will make things a bit challenging for you.

Below we have included popular SEO myths and truths. Read below to have a clear understanding of real SEO. 

SEO agency in Georgetown, TX,

SEO is all about repeating keywords

Many people think SEO is when one repeats a particular keyword throughout the content to rank on search engines. In reality, it is just a myth. Search engine optimization is more than just using keywords in the content.

Further, when it comes to putting keywords in between content, one needs to follow a particular strategy. For example, the content marketer follows a keyword density rule when creating content. They only use the target keywords several times, such as five or ten times.

SEO is a one-time job

SEO is not just only for a particular amount of time. As you all know, SEO is evolving. There is always something new from Google updates for SEO. So, the digital marketer has to ensure that everything is according to Google guidelines  to maintain ranking.

One must keep an eye on how the website is performing and make necessary changes if something needs to be fixed. An SEO agency in Georgetown, TX, follows the best practices to ensure your website works well.

The ranking is the only outcome of SEO.

 How many of you think that SEO only works to rank a website? Well, many people think so. While it is true that SEO helps with search engine ranking, there are many things that SEO does. For example, digital marketing has to ensure that your website has proper meta tags, titles, and snippets. There is also a significant role of off-page SEO in higher ranking.

Guest posting is no more.  

Have you heard somewhere that guest posting doesn’t work? You need to know the truth. And the truth is guest posting still works with the right strategy. Further, guest posting allows you to get quality backlinks by posting relevant content on someone else’s website.

Guest posting works when you post content on an authority blog. An SEO agency in Georgetown, TX, will create your website’s best guest posting strategy.

Ranking higher means the website’s home page should have a lot of content.

Many digital marketers believe that a website’s homepage should have voluminous content to rank on Google. But the fact is: creating long content for landing pages doesn’t guarantee results. The website homepage should be simple that grab visitors instead of forcing them to return with too much content.     

Further, a good SEO agency in Georgetown, TX, will focus on optimizing other pages of the website to drive relevant web traffic.


A website should have more pages to rank at the top.

It is ultimately a wrong understanding that too many pages on the website ensure ranking. Instead, you should focus on creating relevant pages for your niche. Ensure you don’t lose your uniqueness and relevance in the quest for more pages.


That’s all. You should know these SEO myths before hiring an SEO agency in Georgetown, TX. This will help you hire the right digital marketer for your business. Read above to learn more. Call DM Tech Labs to get started with SEO today. We have the expert team to cater to your needs. 

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