Monitor These KPIs to Track Your SEO Performance

If you have hired an SEO company in Georgetown, TX, for your online marketing, you must track the SEO performance. Following the performance will help you know whether or not the SEO is working for you. 

SEO company in Georgetown, TX

Fortunately, knowing if you are getting the expected results from your SEO campaign is easy. For this, you need to track the right SEO KPIs. Below are some KPIs that indicate you are doing good. Also, digital marketers use KPI metrics to measure the success of a campaign.

Moreover, let’s see the best KPIs to track your SEO performance.

Organic traffic

The first KPI is measuring the website visitors coming from search results. After all, driving traffic from search engines is the objective of many people. So, they run an SEO campaign.

Further, a professional uses Google Analytics to see daily searches. You need to visit the Audience section and hit the Overview report section. Now hit the Add Segment section and choose Organic Traffic. In the following window, you will be able to see the number of organic sessions.

For the best help, always hire an SEO company in Georgetown, TX.

Search rankings

Another important KPI is search rankings. This is because everyone uses SEO to rank on search engines like Google and Bing. Once your website starts showing on the first page, you get good traffic, leads, and conversions.

Online marketing will also track the keywords you are ranking for. For example, if your website is about shoes, it can rank for keywords like black and white shoes, casual shoes, etc. After all, a professional uses many online tools to monitor your search positions.

Search Visibility

Search engine visibility is about showing your domain in the search results for a particular keyword. You will learn about the dynamics that contribute to your website’s ranking by tracking search visibility. You can use Google Search Console to track the visibility dynamics. An SEO company in Georgetown, TX, will use the best tools to explore your search visibility. 


Out of all metrics, you must pay attention to the importance of SEO backlinks. These links work like a network to let search engines know the authority of your website. Professionals spend a reasonable amount of time building quality backlinks in an SEO campaign.      

So, it is always good to create more high-quality and relevant backlinks. Earning low-quality links may not work in the right way. After all, a digital marketer uses SEO tools like Ahrefs to ensure the links are suitable for the website.

Organic CTR

Do you know what CTR is? You can call it a performance metric that measures the ratio of clicks. In simple work, high CTR means high traffic. Further, CTR also works as an essential ranking factor. If the organic CTR is low, it will let search robots know that your website doesn’t meet users’ expectations, ultimately costing you lower rankings.

So, it is essential to measure this KPI for the great success of your website. Consult an SEO company in Georgetown, TX, for professional assistance.


Bounce rate

A bounce rate indicates how many visitors leave your website without taking any action. This is an essential factor to rank considered by most digital marketers.

An ideal bounce should be around 40-60%. If it is high, you should understand that that particular page has issues. By knowing the bounce rate of web pages, you can quickly know which is doing best and make necessary changes if required.

That’s all. These are SEO KPIs to remember to know if an SEO campaign is doing great. An SEO company in Georgetown, TX, may employ tools to track the performance of your website. Visit DM Tech Labs to book an SEO service.  


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